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Kevin Falls For $100 Trillion Rope-a-Dope

Updated: Jun 3, 2023


AMWS, June 3, 2023, #TheMotherShip -- The Biden-Harris Administration has signed off on the latest compromise on a debt that’s beyond past due. Anybody who thinks this deal is a done deal must be trippin.'

The Democratic president and Republican speaker had to win their respective parties’ support for a plan to avert a default, they believed, would shake the global economy.

But the compromise reached by two or more of 2.4 billion believers, on both sides of a divided government, fails to even graze the grass on an American president’s promise for Healing The Soul of America.

Joe Biden’s latest “rope-a-dope” on his Republican sparring partner has once again dipped into #MustardSeed faith and fallen far short of the #MiracleWhip needed to heal an historic hole in America’s soul. That hole, dug into a misperception of “God’s Grace on Thee,” is now “crowning thy good with landmark civil action.

Has racism in America reared its ugly head for the last time? We’re taking a close look at the devil in the details of the latest 3/5 compromise.

On Tuesday, lawmakers began debating legislation, which also included provisions to fund medical care for veterans, change work requirements for some recipients of government aid and streamline environmental reviews for controversial pipelines and other energy projects.

H. Res 456, which would suspend the debt limit until January 2025, while imposing spending caps, passed by a 314-117 majority. Lawmakers rallied around the common goal of avoiding a catastrophic default. Sources say the deadline was extended to June 5 by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

The compromised bill passed in the “House of Reparations” (05/31/2023-4:30pm) with a “Motion to reconsider.” It was agreed to without objection and matches Biden’s proposed defense budget of $886 billion and allots $704 billion for nondefense spending. The bill also requires Congress to approve 12 annual spending bills or face a snapback to spending limits from the previous year, which would mean a 1% cut.

If you think we're not coming for that check, you trippin!'

The United States Senate voted 63-to-36 on 06/01/2023 to approve the latest compromise. Next step is for the president to sign the bill into law. Biden protected major parts of his agenda from Republican cuts and McCarthy scored a few conservative spending caps and changes to government programs.

Earlier this week, constituents informed Georgia Senators Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock and the White House of an emerging reality for the nation’s security. Believers already know that most of the $32 trillion national debt is held by the Federal Reserve. Claimants to reparations need to get a handle on what it takes to govern.

Notification has come in the form of a famous speech made by a Black Preacher and Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Most Americans remember the speech, “I have a dream.” They never fully recall the speech started with, “We’re here to cash a check.” But a $100 trillion civil law suit, pending before a higher court, gives the White House cause to pause on kicking reparations down the road.

It's been said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Plaintiffs in The Case of Stolen Peoples Equity are challenging the Biden-Harris administration to get the whole house in order. In a more perfect union, the judiciary, and not the legislative nor the executive branches, administers justice.

When the executive and legislative branches compromise on American values, the American people can and must do more to hold them accountable. Joe Biden has asked for a second chance to “finish the job.” However, his Justice department has moved way too slow in prosecuting suspected criminal behavior in the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches.

The 46th President has promised to Heal The Soul of America, but has fallen short on executing a partnership with two or more of 2.4 billion believers to achieve #NoPoverty2030.

#ThePentecostProject presents a #MustardSeed solution to the unresolved #TripleEvils threat to America’s Future. After the President has signed the compromise into law, don’t expect a million-family march. Anticipate signs and miracles. Expect #MiracleWhip.

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