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Landing The Mother Ship

Updated: May 25

Next Sighting: The Mother Ship hovers over potential landing sites for family repair and reconciliation. Join us Pentecost Sunday, May 28, 2023 3:00 pm Lesotho Time (9:00 am US ET) at The Family Church Serving The Family of God. #PrayerChangesThings

At Theresa James AME Church, the #MaseruSeed is far more precious than silver, gold or even vibrainium. Together we can build the future trustees of Theresa James A.M.E Church. Photo by Tumelo Family, Maseru, Lesotho,

By Eric Stradford, U. S. Marine Corps, Retired, #TumeloFamily

AMWS, May 28, 2023, Maseru, Lesotho – The United States government has received intelligence on a credible threat to business as usual at home and abroad. The Honorable Maria Elena Brewer, U.S. Ambassador to Lesotho conferred with The Honorable Michael Battle, U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania, on the anticipated landing of “The Mother Ship of Free Africa.”

Where exactly will it land? Who will be the ground crew? How will the host nation facilitate historically displaced citizens? How will they distinguish allies and adversaries? How will they know the truth?

The Honorable Tumelo Raboletsi, Principal Secretary at Ministry of Home Affairs, Kingdom of Lesotho confirmed measures already in place to ID kingdom assets for #KingdomFellowship. “The efforts of the ministry’s National ID and Civil Registry represent an impressive start on the Mountain Kingdom’s journey toward using a trusted and inclusive identification system to unlock shared growth and prosperity—all made possible by putting citizens at the center,” said Raboletsi.

Local faith leaders are rallying Generation Z and A believers for a cross-generational boots-on-the-ground counter offensive. Earlier this month, “The Maseru Seed” took root in the hearts of young believers destined to heal the hole in their planet’s soul. #NoPoverty2030 is the first of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17SDGs) adopted by the United Nations. "When Generation Z and A believers are free from poverty, they will have the resources to invest in the communities where they live, learn, work and worship," said The Reverend Maselemeng Molupe, Pastor, Theresa James A.M.E. Church in Lesotho, Africa.

Youth Achievers USA Institute (YouthUSA), an SDG partner on #ThePentecostProject, has set a timeline for an unprecedented demonstration of global repair. “KEA LUMELA is to Lesotho what vibranium is to Wakanda,” said Stephanie A. Walker Stradford, fiduciary trustee for a replicable reparations trust. Any Generation Alpha believer can now apply for inclusion by posting a vision of the future at

Stradford believes the key to achieving No Poverty is to believe that No Poverty is possible. Since learning from Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Notes that ending poverty was hard, Stradford set out to convince Gates that hard was not necessarily impossible. "Believing that #NoPoverty2030 is possible is no different than our enslaved ancestors having the faith that one day they would be free," Stradford said. She dragged her retired U.S. Marine partner to virtual worship where two or more believers were reimagining the 21st Century church.

The Stradfords are two of 2.4 billion believers sharing a corporate value, KEA LUMELA the Power of Pentecost.

This article is provided to support Generation Z and Alpha believers in imagining #NoPoverty2030 as a reality. It demonstrates a learner-empowered process for Positive Youth Development (PYD).

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