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Meet Your Interns

Updated: Nov 21

By Eric Stradford, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired

Intern Joi Butler lives, learns, works and worships in Georgia, USA. Network Engineer Reitumetse Sootho lives, learns, works and worships in the Kingdom of Lesotho. The Reverend Maselemeng Molupe, has declared #NoPoverty2030 for a community of Generation Alpha believers in her country and partnering African nations. Non-believers watch and wonder as two in 2.4 billion believers achieve #NoPoverty2030.

AMWS, August 5, 2023, Atlanta -- I had a dream last night. In it, Kelly King, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Truist Bank, apologized for the bank’s ties to slavery.

"We must consider our own past and acknowledge the role our heritage companies played over 100 years ago to perpetuate the atrocity of slavery and the repression of enslaved people, leading to systemic disadvantages their descendants have endured for generations...We deeply regret and denounce these shameful aspects of our history, both known and unknown," stated King.

According to the book "Genealogy of American Finance", the economic roots of BB&T can be traced back to 1805, even though BB&T was founded in 1872, nearly a decade after slavery was abolished. Both founders of the bank served in the Confederate Army.

One 21st Century plaintiff to an historic Case for Stolen Peoples’ Equity dwarfs good intentions behind diversity hires, disadvantaged small business loans and minority education. It advocates for a replicable $100 million reparations trust, and has pressed bank management to partner on United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 1 #NoPoverty2030.

A $100 million trust models a replicable reparations settlement. The model reconciles “good intentions” of Truist, detailed in Kelly King’s apology, with historically unmet needs assessed by the trust. But rather than asking Truist or the potential co-defendants in a century long history of U.S. bank mergers, the model calls on 2.4 billion believers to believe #NoPoverty2030 is possible and declare it on behalf of Generation Alpha believers where you live, learn, work and/or worship.

An emerging youth-led joint venture is under development by TheEnterpriZe, LLC, a Certified Veteran Owned U.S. Small Business. TheEnterpriZe sponsors veteran-led trustee development for two or more believers in Generations X, Y and Z. Certified trustees administer worldbank trust funds on behalf of qualifying Generation Alpha beneficiaries. Discovery in a case of the lost preacher pension fund, reveals the absence of a named trustee by the governing ecclesia. According to BRITANNICA (c. 594 BC), “Ecclesia” describes a body of citizens, organized for control over policy, including the right to hear appeals in the public court, take part in the election of governing officials (chief magistrates), and confer special privileges on individuals.

The need in Sub-Saharan African communities is simply to corporately meet the needs of Generation Alpha. Believers born after 2010 will emerge as “The Church” on Pentecost Sunday of 2030. They will become the trustees, business leaders and caregivers for an aging Boomer Generation.

Interns in Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Maseru, Lesotho; and Cote d’Ivoire are engaging any two of 2.4 billion believers in a mass exodus from business as usual. #BeTheBridge. All it takes is full-throated declaration of #NoPoverty2030 by supporters of candidates for public office from dog catcher to president.

Learn-2-Earn Trustee Development

Trustee Development Timeline

Effective November 22, 2023 - February 13, 2024

A Friend-Raising Campaign is in progress to support development of the replicable reparations trust. The campaign does not seek charitable donations from friends-n-kin, nor does it call for participants to raise money. The campaign supports initial development of Generation Z trustees as equity stakeholders in the for-profit, member-owned, trust administration company. Any prospective trustee can post a community need in any of seven LEARN-2-EARN categories. (HEALING, FEEDING, HOUSING, LEARNING, EARNING, LIVING, GIVING).

Effective Dec. 1, 2023

Teams, Facebook, and Business checking accounts have been established for:

1. FAS2 Tumelo Family Trust (CAM/Trustee)

2. FAS2 Soulafilai Family Trust (CAM/Trustee)

The following steps are critical to access any grant funding.

1. The trust account will require a Trustee to be nominated by the authorized Community Asset Manager (CAM).

2. Approved Trustees will be from Generations X, Y, or Z

3. All CAMs and Trustees and Adult Advisors must establish a professional profile at

4. Approved CAMs and Trustees must submit their individual Money-n-the-Bank Goals at

5. All Trustees will be provided with an authorized Trustee company email. This email must be used to access information for the Trust and send email related to the Trust. It should not be used for your personal or private business.

6. All recipients must confirm you can access your company email and virtual workspace.

7. The CAM and Trustee must register for the FDIC Money Smart classes with their company email at

Due by Dec. 8, 2023 (Trustee Onboarding)

1. The CAM and Trustee must complete a minimum of one FDIC Money Smart class each week until ALL classes are successfully completed.

2. Administration (Staffing and Business Relationship)

a. Questions posted in MS Teams

b. Signed MOU by CAM and Trustee

Due by Dec. 15, 2023

1. Review FAS2 NEEDS BASED BUDGET. Specific budget questions will be used for an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) database

Tumelo Family Trust Budget Template

Soulafilai Family Trust Budget Template

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