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Will a $3 T Defense Budget Counter Triple-Evils?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023


By Eric Stradford, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired

#HerStory, OurStory of the Things Worth Fighting For -- You have yet to know Tough Love until you have met #WomanKing

AMWS, June 13, 2023, Washington, DC -- There was no press briefing on this week’s Chiefs of Mission Conference, but unconfirmed reports are emerging to fill the information void.

Inquiring minds want to know if 100 or so chiefs of mission are leaving Washington prepared for the possibility that #NoPoverty2030 is unfolding as #MissionPossible. Poverty has stood like "one broke leg" of a three-legged stool built into America’s DNA. On the domestic front, there’s a new face on policy. But can the face in place simultaneously execute foreign policy to counter the historic #TripleEvils? And, without the presence of Dr. Susan Rice, what’s to become of HEALING THE SOUL OF AMERICA?

The White House must answer some burning questions now. "Is racism built into America’s DNA? Is #NoPoverty2030 the secret to getting it out?…if America really wants it out. “The word is,” said the President, “The decisions we made today…” Biden digressed from “the word” to reflect on an inflection point. “’re going down the highway at 60 miles an hour, and all of a sudden, you take a hard right turn.”

President Joe Biden has chosen Neera Tanden, who served as White House staff secretary and senior adviser, to succeed Ambassador Susan Rice as his domestic policy adviser. “You’re never going to get back on the path you were for at least another couple of decades. That’s where we are,” said Biden. "As the only person to serve as both National Security Advisor and Domestic Policy Advisor, Susan's record of public service makes history," a statement reads. "But what sets her apart as a leader and colleague is the seriousness with which she takes her role and the urgency and tenacity she brings, her bias towards action and results, and the integrity, humility and humor with which she does this work."

After a brief cleansing from divisive Washington politics, Rice is expected to resume her passion for peace, justice and inclusion. She returns to the #GlobalVillage, pregnant with possibilities, as #WomanKing, a God-anointed, self-appointed advocate for the planet’s future.

Rice’s new role, should she accept, is equivalent to 7-star general rank. It oversees a $3 trillion defense budget, combining missions for U.S. Space Force and U.S. Africa Command with the 7th U.S. Marine Expeditionary Force. 7th MEF’s current reconnaissance mission is no secret to 2.4 billion believers. But recent developments, including Rice’s escape from chaos to community, unknowingly unleashed SIGNS AND WONDERS. #OperationFreshWind is #MissionPossible.

While official Washington and 2024 presidential candidates scurried for leverage under a new $100 trillion debt ceiling, Ambassador Rice invoked her inalienable right to #Sankofa, “asserting the necessity for establishing new, equitable and global links of partnership and intragenerational solidarity, and for promoting inter-generational solidarity for the perpetuation of humankind.”

Semper Supra is a Latin phrase that means “Always Above.” It is the official motto of the United States Space Force. It was named after the USSF motto and was created to capture the esprit de corps of both current and future “Guardians,” and intends to bring together service members by giving them a sense of pride.

Semper Fidelis, “Always Faithful,” identifies esprit de corps as an inherited United States Marine Corps value. In #KwanzaaCourt, the defendant, Joe Biden, must now defend unlawful actions of the 45th President of the United States (POTUS) and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, or settle immediately for $7 billion.

The FY23 request for Space Force is $7 billion more than the $17.4 billion the service asked for in FY22,” said Maj. Gen. Jim Peccia, Air Force deputy assistant secretary for budget. #WomanKing will execute a UNSDG-17 partnership with The Free African Society for the 21st Century, already established over Maseru, Lesotho.

Effective immediately, STARCOM (U.S. Space Training and Readiness Command) will build trust, grow relationships, and improve interoperability amongst Allies and Partners through its successful integration into #OperationFreshWind.

Effective immediately, AFRICOM (U.S. Africa Command) will provide logistics support to build trust, grow relationships, and improve interoperability amongst Allies and Partners to include deployment of a faith-based force in readiness. USAFRICOM will include assets from the U.S. Navy Construction Battalion. SEABEES – (Construimus, Batuimus).


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