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Cheerful Giving
Invest as The Whole Village in The Whole Village
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Our approach to giving identifies human needs in one of seven categories and matches the need to meaningful work (John 9:4).

The United Nations believes $3.3-4.5 trillion USD per year is needed to achieve 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) by 2030.

Two or more Generation Alpha followers of the greatest influencer of all times believe ALL THINGS are possible. 

They propose to demonstrate #NoPoverty2030 #MissionPossible in support of the UN SDGs.  The #TumeloFamilyTrust models a replicable trust, empowering Generation Alpha economic beneficiaries through their giving.  The #TumeloFamilyTrust certifies Generation Z trustees for a replicable World Bank Umbrella 2.0 Trust.

Each Generation Alpha beneficiary raises a whole village of 20 caring adults out of poverty. FAS2, in cooperation with an LDC, establishes a minimally acceptable poverty rate of 933,565.00 Lesotho Loti ($50,000 USD) per qualifying adult stakeholder.  This new measure is based on net worth instead of income. 

Our World Bank partnership will provide FAS2 Community Asset Managers (CAMs) with data for Grant Development.

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